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Bakery Tubes Box Set

Bakery Tubes Box Set

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NEW we are SO excited to offer this for our customers who love to bake. Freeze dried sourdough starter! You don't have to feed it until you are preparing to bake! It will re-activate when you add water. You only need a little and you can keep some on hand for an emergency stash. We've all forgotten to feed our starter before, and this way you'll have some on hand ready when you are but not needing time/attention in the meantime! locally grown mulberries

Here's whats in these tubes:

1. Freeze dried sourdough starter

2. Freeze dried strawberry powder

3. Freeze dried mulberry powder

4. Ginger Sanding Sugar


we will be posting blog posts with recipes- and we will email you the reactivation instructions when you purchase so that you always have access to those in your email.


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