About Us

It Began in a Garden

Kristin and Melissa's Story:

Long time gardeners volunteering together became friends. Friends who started sharing plant orders, seeds, time working in each others gardens, and talking about care of the earth and its bounty. The more we talked, the more we discovered our missions overlapped: grow amazing food and support others who are growing food. Preserve that harvest and avoid food waste, and get that good food in front of people so they can enjoy it, too!

Kristin Parsons, NCIDQ LEED AP PDC

After over a decade of commercial building design experience, the call to edible landscape design became too much to ignore for Kristin. She left Architecture, and began utilizing architecture software to design people's forest gardens. After stepping back to have a son, she's slowly but surely getting back into the business world: working part time in architecture again, while managing 1/2 acre forest garden, freeze drying everything she possibly can, spending time with her husband and trying desperately to keep up with her rambunctious five year old! She loves to read books about plants, talk about plants, grow plants, and eat yummy plants!

Melissa Braudaway

A retired Audiologist, Melissa has a well established forest garden of her own. Her three children are grown, and she and her husband enjoy visiting them and their grandbabies whenever they get the chance. She has over 80 fruit trees, veggies, herbs, and edible flowers in her 1/3 acre forest garden. She makes delicious cheese and keeps bees who make amazing honey from all of the pollen her yard provides.

Nolan Parsons

Nolan is the designated-sticker-applicator so if you get a product where the label looks like it was applied by a five year old, it's because it likely was! Kristin is thrilled to pass the love of nature and plants along to her son and will take his help as long as he is willing to share it...he loves putting on this "em-poy-ee" shirt and arranging flowers!

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