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Italian Violas (Pansy)

Italian Violas (Pansy)

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Freeze-dried edible Violas are the perfect addition to salads and cakes or as colorful garnishes for cocktails. Used in baked goods and candies these pops of color and subtle flavors are a real showstopper! You may have seen fresh ones at farmers markets and stores but these have excellent shelf life so there are no worries about them spoiling!

Our violas have been freeze-dried in order to capture the colors, beauty and flavor while maintaining quality. Shelf stable and convenient...utilize this edible flower to level-up your recipes. You'll never want the dehydrated stuff again!


*note: compostable bag packaging is not meant for long term storage. It is an item we are offering that can be home composted as an alternative to plastic packaging. Our compostable bags also feature biodegradable and compostable stickers! We recommend that if you purchase our products in these bags, that you either eat them quickly, or transfer the uneaten portions to an airtight jar you already own. Freeze-dried foods will re-absorb moisture from the open air, so it's best to consider this when storing any product you aren't finishing. Most of the time this isn't an issue because we snack on the entire bag!

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