Indulge for the Holidays with Cultivated LLC's Limited Edition Cranberry Creamed Honey

Indulge for the Holidays with Cultivated LLC's Limited Edition Cranberry Creamed Honey

'Tis the season to celebrate the holidays, and we're thrilled to bring you a limited-time flavor that captures the festive spirit—our Cranberry Creamed Honey, available exclusively for the month of December. 

The Perfect Fusion of Flavors:

Our Cranberry Creamed Honey starts with local honey that is creamed for 96 hours, which creates that smooth texture and a spreadable consistency. We then add freeze dried cranberries which adds to the flavor and color. A dash of cinnamon and nutmeg completes the festive flavor. 

Creamed Honey:

The process of creaming honey involves controlling the crystallization of honey to achieve a smooth, spreadable consistency. Whether you're spreading it on warm toast, drizzling it over desserts, or incorporating it into your culinary creations, this creamed honey is a versatile addition to your kitchen.

A Limited-Time Extravaganza:

As December unfolds, use our Cranberry Creamed Honey to enhance your holiday experience. The cranberry flavor makes a perfect gift or addition to your seasonal gatherings. Surprise your loved ones or treat yourself to the taste of the holidays.

Versatility in Every Jar:

Cultivated LLC's Cranberry Creamed Honey is more than just a spread—it's a companion that can elevate almost any dish. Use it as a glaze for roasted meats, blend it into yogurt for a decadent twist, or create festive cocktails with a spoonful of this delightful concoction. The possibilities are endless.

How to Get Yours:

To experience the magic of Cultivated LLC's Cranberry Creamed Honey, visit our website to place your order and arrange local pick up.

Visit us at the Love Local Market on Saturday, December 9, 2023 at TDO/OCV Wines at 1325 West University Drive, Tempe 85281 between 10 am and 3 pm.


This December, let Cultivated LLC be your guide to a season of indulgence with our Cranberry Creamed Honey. Elevate your culinary creations, surprise your loved ones with a unique gift, and savor the essence of the holidays in every jar. Act fast, as this limited edition won't last long—make this December a month to remember with Cultivated LLC's Cranberry Creamed Honey.

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